Here is a helpful summary of the Christian faith which we believe;

          • God is Lord in creation, in our lives, in our understanding, our salvation and our judgement.
          • The Bible can be completely trusted and speaks clearly on all matters of our faith and our lives.
          • Everyone is guilty before God and in rebellion, and God has every right to be angry and condemn us.
          • Jesus died in our place and his sacrifice is enough to free us from the guilt and power of sin and the judgement it brings.
          • We have this only by God’s grace and through trusting in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and resurrection from the dead.
          • God’s Spirit makes us new, teaches us, lives in us and makes us fit for heaven.
          • Jesus is Head of the church and the church is all who trust in Jesus everywhere.
          • Jesus will return personally and visibly in power and glory.