Misusing the Bible

It is possible to use the Bible selectively to justify oneself … against non-Christians and Christians who do not hold the same views ….(to) find arguments which show how superior (one is)….if we feel more righteous as we read the Bible, we are misreading it; we are missing its central message. We are reading and using the Bible rightly only when it humbles us, critiques us, and encourages us with God’s love and grace despite our flaws.

(Ellul) For what (the Bible) teaches us about ourselves is all to the effect that we are not righteous, that we have no means of justifying ourselves, that we have… no right to condemn others and be in the right against them, and that … only a gracious act of God… can save us. That is what Scripture teaches us, and if we stick to this, reading the Bible is useful and healthy and brings forth fruit in us.