No one’s life is greater than his prayer. No one’s influence is wider than his prayer. No one’s spiritual power is greater than his prayer. Prayer has two main phases – communion and intercession. Both are measured by God.

The more we love God, the more we will delight to be with Him. The more we love Him, the more eagerly we will seek ways to get more time to be alone with Him. If there is one human being with whom we would rather spend our time, God does not have first place in our life….

A primary reason why God created human beings was for fellowship, for God is love…

How about your life? How important is your life to God? What holy satisfaction do you bring to God each day? Your service is important to God, but your communion is much more important. Communion does not make you a recluse. Communion does not make you impractical or of little earthly use to others. It qualifies you to carry the presence of God with you and make all your life a holy and fragrant blessing to others.

You don’t lose time spent in communing with God. You invest it in the very heart of God. You invest it with the supreme Being of the universe. You can become one of earth’s privileged few if you really commune with God. You can become one of the princes or princesses of eternity if now you will truly give yourself in daily communion with God.

When you start your prayer time with intercession, it sometimes takes a while before you are supremely conscious that you are in the Holy of Holies with God. But when you begin your time with God with unhurried, priceless communion, you find yourself in heaven’s throne room. You find yourself joining the seraphim and angel hosts in worshiping, praising, and adoring the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

When you are communing, really communing, you live on holy ground. You often find yourself in God’s all-glorious presence. You become a truly beloved one to God. You may even sense the King extending His golden sceptre, as it were, and saying, ‘Ask what you will, my beloved.’

Snippet 2

Living unto the Lord will mean giving priority to personal Scripture reading, loving communion with Christ, and Intercessory use of prayer lists, instead of spending hours watching TV programs that are neither educational nor uplifting spiritually, or otherwise wasting time in trivial pursuits. Living unto the Lord will introduce discipline into all aspects of life, into ways we spend money on ourselves, or on expensive time-consuming and nonproductive hobbies.

Most of us pass moments, minutes, and even hours in casual, frivolous matters that will make not the slightest difference in our welfare or lives. Twenty minutes redeemed from unimportant activity can be invested in prayer, loving deeds in Jesus’ name; and the twenty minutes invested may even result in your reaping benefits for twenty years to follow. More than that, they may bring you inestimable reward forever and forever in eternity. What fools we are to be careless with our time, our finances, and our abilities.

Life is too Brief to Waste

Life is too brief to lose one day E’en though your life prove long.  You pass but once along life’s way, You sing but once life’s song.  You have but one life to invest  For ages without end.  You dare not fail to do your best – But one life do you spend. 

God’s daily guidance must be sought  Or moments may be lost;  Your plans must all to Him be brought   And you must count the cost.  God help you His own will to choose  And His own work to haste. You dare not life’s brief moment lose –  Life is too brief to waste!

Love for other Christians

God is measuring your life by your love for your fellow Christians. Is it largely nominal, or is it living, burning in your heart? Is it practical? You cannot love God without loving His other children. God knows that if you don’t really love the other believers you don’t really love Him.         ‘Whoever loves God must also love His brother.’

If you love God, you quickly recognize the love of God in others. Love for fellow Christians tends to transcend all that separates us from them. It breaks down all barriers. It melts all hindrances. It shows in all activities and in all places.

Love is realistic. It recognizes differences and values them…It dissolves prejudice, misunderstanding and suspicion. Christian love heals hurts and even deep wounds. Love for one another draws Christians together and unites us. The more you love your fellow Christians, the more God pours His love into your heart. The more you take your fellow believers to your heart, the more God draws you to His heart.

How can you measure your love for your fellow believers and for the church for which Jesus Christ died?

Measure your love by the joy you have in thinking of your brothers and sisters. 

Your willingness to overlook the failures, mistakes, weaknesses and shortcomings of your brothers and sisters

Your refusal to repeat rumours about fellow Christians unless there is genuine proof and a real need that this information be passed on

Your looking for ways to be a blessing to fellow believers.

Our words

…your words can hinder, and bring you emabarrassment and shame when they are reported before Christ’s judgment throne at the final day. They will be burned up like wood, hay or stubble. If it is thus judged by God, you may be saved by God’s grace, but you will lose forever some of your potential reward.

Measure your life by your words and conversation:

1. How many times does the Spirit prompt you to speak to someone, or guide you in speaking words of blessing.                                                            

2. What percent of your words are loving, helpful and encouraging to others?                                                                                                                      

3. What percent of your comments about other people are positive and appreciative rather than negative?                                                                    

4. What percent of your conversations are cheerful, full of faith and hope inspiring rather than gloomy, fearful and hesitant?                              

5. Into what percent of your longer conversations do you bring a reference to Jesus, God’s goodness or Scripture?                                              

6. Do your conversations reveal you to be gracious and sociable or silent and withdrawing? Do they reveal you to be a warm person who constantly dispenses blessings or a severe and morose person who scatters gloom? Are you a quiet and cheerful person or a loud and boisterous person? Are you a good listener or an excessive talker? Are you able to maintain confidences or are you a frequent gossip and self-centered? Are you a promoter of unity or a divisive person?                        

7. What percent of your conversations are constructive and edifying?

Chapter 21 Measure your life by your vision

Your life will be no greater than your vision. It is vision that galvanizes your potential into action……Without vision you are in danger of drifting with the current.    Without vision your life will not impact your world, you will never become the person God created you to be and saved you to be.     

God gave (William Booth) such a vision for the poor and needy that after his marriage he dedicated himself, his wife and children to the poor needy ‘and their hell’. William booth believed in holiness and helpfulness.

If a vision really grips you, you will never be the same. If your eyes catch a glimpse of the vision God has of what you could be a year from now, you will see a new meaning in your life. You will hear a new purpose calling you to a new advance for God. You will see God unfold new dimensions for your life. You will see things you never realized before. You will see with new clarity the way to add eternal significance to your daily living.

Catch the vision that God has for you.

God’s vision for you is designed for no one else but you. You are loved by God. You are valued by God. You are important to God. God sees the details of your life today. God sees the problems that you face. He knows your present situation more fully and in greater detail than you do. He also knows what you do not know – He knows your future. He knows what can be your tomorrow. He is planning new phases of your life that are possible for you. He plans to use your life to bless others, to fulfil His special role for you. God plans a new you, if you can gimpse the vision He has for you.

The Bible cannot be more clear. If God is for you, who ultimately can succeed against you? (Romans 8:31) If God is for you, resources are available to you that far exceed your needs, your problems and your opponents.

Don’t lose your life’s great opportunities. Measure your life as God does. You cannot change your past. ….From this day on, make your life count for eternity, and measure your life in the light of eternity. Then great will be your reward. Throughout eternity you will thank God that you began to measure your life by His measures.