The subtitle of this book is

17 Ways to Evaluate Your Life from God’s Perspective     which reveals very clearly what this book is all about.

Luis Palau: ‘In this book, Dr. Duewel presents the twenty-one criteria by which he has measured and lived out his life. Although he illustrates his points with rich stories about some of God’s most distinguished servants, there’s no question but that each compelling statement he makes has been borne out of his own experience many times over.’

Dr. Robert S. Ricker: ’This book can change your life. It is a spiritual inventory and an extensive Bible study on a wide panorama.’

Indeed, this book is a deeply challenging book yet extremely encouraging in what it offers us in Christ. I picked up this book to re-read and found I had written in the inside page ‘And when I have measured my life and found it to be so severely wanting, let me read again chapter 6 – Communion – the answer and remedy for my wretched soul’.

The book begins with a wonderful inducement to read on with a chapter entitled ‘God is eager to reward you’. He writes

‘The future rewards God plans for you will be so amazing, so blessedly fulfilling, so satisfying that you will forget all the problems, trials, and the disappointments of your life today. It will be worth every effort you have ever expended, every pressure you have ever endured, every price you ever paid to obey God and choose His highest will.’

I hope and pray this has whetted your appetite. God bless you.

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