John White was born in Liverpool. He worked with students in Latin America and later became an international speaker. He wrote many books including The Fight, the Race and the Golden Cow. He moved to Canada where he worked as a psychiatrist in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

J.I.Packer writes ‘Changing on the Inside will tell you how to bring about lasting change. Drawing on years of experience as a psychiatrist, Dr.John White examines the nature of healthy and lasting change that results in peace, intimacy and a vital relationship with God…’

This book speaks for itself. I include the following quotations from the author:

‘Repentance refers to the inner revolution – the combination of changed perception and willed response – that must take place before lasting change is possible. Repentance precedes behavioural change; it paves the way. It is the underlying mechanism that gives rise to changed behaviour. In my view it is the only mechanism that offers true hope for healthy and permanent change. ‘

‘I am convinced that the most important inner revolution in any person’s life is the moment of Christian repentance – of turning away from sin and toward God. And the truly life-giving change is that of accepting Christ into one’s life….

….those who have made a decision to follow Christ have a need for ongoing repentance and change in specific areas of their lives. Christians as well as non-Christians struggle with habits, behaviours, and attitudes that keep them from being all they were meant to be.

Real, positive, lasting change can happen only from within – in my view, only through the work of the Holy Spirit. And yet my experience shows that this transformation can be encouraged and helped along. Providing that kind of help and encouragement is the real purpose of this book.

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